Seminars and events

Your business seminar with Emmanuelle Joly will be different to anything else you have experienced. Emmanuelle has a strong personality with a gold experience that she will share with you. Surrounded by a professional team, she will give you the best for your business seminar. It will forge a cohesive team around the basics of surfing : harmony with the elements and respect of the nature’s force, learning and self-transcendence. Unconstrained, she will drive you to the good locations to be at, « the right time at the right place » as she says. Because one of the secrets to success (hers and yours) is to know how to adapt in an environment in perpetual change.

The idea is to create a true complicity and cohesion with the group around her personality. Emmanuelle Joly, because of her knowledge of the ocean will share her experience, you will receive technical and mental « training » to acquire confidence and motivation. Surfing with Emmanuelle Joly is to discover a personality of a champion, the learning of a method and the discovery of a « spirit ».

Prority to your requirements

Emmanuelle will determine your programme according to your requirements :

  • Sports challenge
  • Life saving
  • Mental training
  • ... everything is possible !

My excvlusive partner is Terres Basques