Private coaching

You, the champion, the wave, that’s it.

Emmanuelle will take you on a special journey off the beaten tracks where you will return new and improved. With total dedication to your wishes, your personal style and your ability she will give you the ultimately key in helping you to progress and be in tune with your environment. Regardless of your age, your surf level, or your physical condition, Emmanuelle will adapt to share her knowledge and spirit.

Her concept is simple : you are her sole focus. She is your surf coach and will bring you to the best spot at the best time, taking into consideration your surfing level and the waves conditions. Her coaching is individual and personalized, unlike a surf school and she is not stuck to one beach. A surf champion with more than 15 years on the professional circuit, she has expertise and knowledge which delivers results. She has a gift for explaining the technical aspects of the sport in a way that makes them easy for anyone to understand and apply to their own surfing. She will share her experience and passion with you and unlock the secrets which had made her a champion.

Personalized coaching

  • Perzonalized coaching
  • Pick up on your place of residence
  • Loan of material adpated to your level and morphology
  • French and english speaking
  • Extra activities and fitness advice

Fees from 200€ per person

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Sharing spirit


If you're a group of friends or a family learning together, and you're after special moments above and beyond the standard level of instruction, look no further. With Emmanuelle, you'll head out to sea with a professional, but return to shore with a friend, whether you're after fun and relaxation on the wave or serious learning and development.