Everybody can learn to surf. Although there are hundreds of surf schools out there, Emmanuelle Joly stands head-and-shoulders about the rest, providing an unmissable opportunity to catch some waves with the most titled French surfing champion. Surfing with Emmanuelle means discovering your personal style, developing your skills and soaking up the authentic spirit and lifestyle of surfing. Whether you're a group of friends, a corporate team or if you're after a unique one-to-one experience, all lessons can be tailored specifically to your needs. In addition, photos and video are available to capture all those special moments.


Surfing with Emma is a complete experience. You get everything: big smiles, hard laughs, great coaching, unreal waves, and unforgettable memories ! Marc Englander (NY)

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Private Coaching

Since my first title of European Champion, I haven’t come down from the top of the wave. Four times French champion, six times European champion, multiple podiums on the World Cup, fourteenth ranking on the world tour, I have one of the best results of a french surfer.

Voluntary, dynamic, and most of all passionate, I propose to guide you on special surf trip where you’ll come back different.

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here and faraway

Seminars and events

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Riding Zone tv show

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